The Mouth Circus

Better eating and communicating for every child

The Author

Ilse Meezen studied Speech-Language Pathology, Art Academy and Language Science. Since 1989 she has worked in the field of regular and special education as a Speech Language Pathologist, Teacher Trainer and developer of methods. She now works for the Research and Development department of the CED-group . She also gives therapy to children and participates in the Dutch association of Speech Language pathologists " Nederlandse Vereniging Logopedie en Foniatrie " als a commitee member of the workgroup "Professional Knowledge".

Ilse is co-author of several Dutch products like STIP (Sociale Training In de Praktijk), Taaltrapeze, Fototaal, Bijzonder Hoog (guidelines for gifted children) an has done research on the "Emotions of Young Children".

Meezen, I.J. & Van der Stelt, J.M. (2003): A practical instrument for the perception of emotion in pre-scholars, an experiment on 4-year-olds with and without communication disorders, Proceedings of the Institute of Phonetic Sciences Amsterdam 25, pp. 65-70. PDF

Starting in 1993 she developped the Mouth Circus with the help of children, parents and various experts. The Mouth Circus was published in 2008 by MeeZje publishing.

You can contact Ilse Meezen.

Picture of Ilse Meezen, author of the Mouth Circus